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We help you understand what’s best for your brand, bridge the gap through integrated media and communication solutions, and work in tandem with the right teams and the best skills in the industry for your brand/business to succeed. Deep diving into your brand, however logistical, creative or technically complex, we help understand, design, develop, and activate a broad spectrum of integrated events with tangible outcomes on all scales. These are some of our services:

Market Research

Data is the backbone of knowing what consumers really want. We tap into relevant information, identify your potential customer segments, the latest market demands and trends, the sales potential, your competitor products and services, and carry out perceptual mapping, figure market analysis, and market positioning to ultimately get you your desired results.


Being an important touch point, we ensure to grab the audience’s attention. We design your website using the latest technologies, creative content, SEO, SEM, Google search ads, targeted ads and other maintenance. We extend our full-fledged support in company registration, domain name setting, domain registration, and server space purchase.


Through effective branding, we make your brand magnetic, robust and profitable. Naming, trademarks, style & design, what works, what doesn’t, and everything else under the sun to bring your brand to life across landscapes. Our creative collaboration builds impactful and memorable brands that stand out from the crowd.


We assist mature firms in overcoming some of their greatest brand, marketing, and communications obstacles to revitalise them. We broker partnerships with influencers, research emerging trends, and employ social media platforms to get your brand social using SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email, and SMS Marketing.

PR Events & Activations

From venue procurement to travel, food and beverage, design, technical support, concept and ideation, we leave no stone unturned for a successful event hosted by you. With a strong skill set, our team will drive more touch points and stronger reach.

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We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together.

MAS International

Integrated Creative Media & Digital Agency based in India 

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